Thursday, April 9, 2009

Welcome to Tree Stand!

I'd like to humbly welcome you all to my first forray into the world of blogging and the unique experience that is the World of Warcraft blogosphere.

In my subtle attempt at creating a clever name for this space, I've combined the two classes that are my passion in the game, the Druid and the Hunter.

I'll be spending my time here providing my musings and experiences, focusing on several different aspects:

1) Restoration Druid healing.
2) Hunter DPS and other chicanery.
3) The act of balancing the demands of WoW and this thing we call life. In short, priorities.
4) Raiding in general.
5) Insights from WoW or other sources whose wisdom I find universal.

I hope this turns out to be a fruitful experiment and welcome your feedback as I begin this new endeavor.

A little background for those interested:

I'm a 24 year old male headed into Nursing school this fall. I've been married for five years and we currently reside in northern Alabama. I've been playing WoW since mid-2006.

I play primarly on Shadow Council-US, where my druid and hunter are both members of a small guild that originally was created to focus on 10 man content but has slowly morphed since its inception and will likely be running a full 25-man roster when Ulduar releases. Yes, an RP server. To you "lolrpserver" types, I shall simply grin and move along.

My persona here on blogger shares the name of my Druid, Animagis, a purposefully mis-spelled referenence that any J.K. Rowling fan should be familiar with. I'm not that big of a fan of her series of novels, but the name suited my purposes perfeclty when I was attempting to fit my own idea of a druid.

The other side of my WoW personality is known as Vape, a (currently) Survival hunter. Only the truest of Star Wars fanbois may catch the reference, but let's just simplify it to the fact that I created him out of the frustation of a healer wanting to "blow things up". I first dipped into the WoW blogosphere reading Hunter blogs: gems including Pike over at , Rilgon of, and the late great BRK who now resides at .

I have commented under the name Vape on a few such hunter blogs, but felt that with the druid being the more dominant of my two classes in WoW, I'd create my own blog under the name I'm more accustomed to hearing over Vent for the past three years:


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